Personal Loans

Small unsecured loans for when you need a helping hand

Sometimes it’s difficult to make ends meet, and high-interest personal debts can weigh you down. We understand this can be tough for many people who don’t have property assets available as security. For busy people, we’re there to help you every step of the way! We can help you to spend more time living, and less time figuring out how to pay for it with a loan that works for you.
The BIR Solutions approach is about more than just shopping rates. For us, it’s about solving problems and navigating the complexities for you. Plus, we can put you in touch with experts who can help you negotiate your way out of debt, so the balance you need to repay is more manageable.
A personal loan can have many uses, whether for financing that new car, consolidating debts, renovations on your home or for taking that long overdue dream holiday. Repayment terms can also vary depending on your specific needs. Speak directly with us so we can help make sense of the complex lending marketplace.

How it works

Our easy-to-understand outline shows a time and cost-effective experience for you. We’ll show you all the steps you need to follow to achieve your dreams, and as we complete each step, we’ll tick it off the list together.


The discovery stage is essential, as it’s where we begin to understand and then define your needs, goals and aspirations. We listen to you so that we can provide you with an honest and balanced financial analysis. This will help us to identify those loans which are available to help you meet your goals.

Using a wealth of experience in the finance industry, we’ll analyse your situation, talk around problems and simplify the complex. It’s also vital that we put the time into helping you select the loan which suits your needs and objectives. For us it’s about helping you secure the financial option which meets your needs and objectives with a competitive rate!

Let’s Begin

Once we understand what you are looking to achieve, we begin looking for loans with the right features and options which suit your needs and objectives. Accessing the lowest interest rate is only important after we understand what is important for you.

Whether for your own home or your investment portfolio, we can make sure you get the right loan for your property purchase. This includes pre-approvals when you’re bidding at auction. We provide you with an overview of the loan process and check-in with you as regularly as you require. This is generally on a weekly basis but can be daily if time is tight.

Loan Submission

When applying for any residential property loan, specific information and documentation are required to be submitted with the loan application. We’ll help you finalise your plan and implement all the paperwork. We use technology to streamline the document process to take the guesswork out.

We Do More

Obtaining money, particularly these days, can be tricky, uncertain and stressful. We work with you, so you know we’re always on your side during this process. When you need anything, no matter how small, just ask!