Our Philosophy

“With my background in advisory, strategy, turnarounds and insolvency, I’m well placed to assist individuals and businesses to obtain finance for growth or to overcome a niggly cash flow problem.”

Michael Royal, Director
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What do we do?

BIR Finance is all about helping you make smart decisions with your money, especially when it comes to loans and property investments. We’re like your personal guide in the world of finance, showing you the best loan options for buying or refinancing homes and investment properties. We’re big on honesty and keeping things clear, so you always know exactly what’s happening. And the best part? We work with a bunch of different lenders to find a deal that really fits what you need, not just what’s easiest for us. We're here to make the whole loan process simpler and better for you.

Our Philosophy

At BIR Finance, we do things a little differently. As our name suggests, we help you Borrow, Invest, and Refinance. But that’s only the start of what we do.

We are there with you along the journey as you use your funds to buy your dream home, your next investment property, or grow your business. Our whole approach is to make things more straightforward for you. To do this, we use technology to reduce complexity and increase speed and the human touch to ensure everything is taken care of along the way. We check in regularly even after the finance is obtained, ensuring you still get a good deal. And, if your needs have changed, we help you upgrade to a more suitable product. Plus, we provide market data on your property and the suburb. And for business owners, we are always looking for information that can help you improve your business. And, to top it off, we have a wide network of service providers who we can introduce you to who would love to assist you with some competitive choices. But that’s not all. BIR Finance contributes 5% or more of the revenue we earn back to a local not-for-profit on which you or your property is based. And, if you have reached out to us via an introduction from a not-for-profit, that becomes 10% of our revenue back to the NFP. 

That’s just our way of saying ‘thank you’ and ensuring your community, and therefore you will benefit from you obtaining finance through us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The three pillars for your success

When it comes to helping our clients, we focus on three things Wealth Creation, Financial Empowerment and Transparent Lending.

Wealth Creation

Focus on Property Investment

Our extensive knowledge of property markets and investment strategies allows us to offer our clients insights that enable them to make smart investment choices.

Case Studies and Market Trends

By incorporating real-life examples and current market analysis, we educate our clients on the dynamics of property investment to help them make informed decisions.

Long-term Wealth Accumulation Strategies

We emphasise strategies for sustainable wealth growth to help our clients with immediate transactions and long-term planning for their financial future.

Financial Empowerment

Educational Content on Financial Solutions

We educate our clients about a variety of financial products and services, helping them understand which will suit their unique needs.

Navigating Complex Financial Situations

We help our clients navigate financial challenges by drawing on our experience in restructuring and mortgage broking to provide guidance and empower them with financial confidence.

Informed Decision-Making Support

We equip our clients with the information, knowledge and understanding to make better decisions that support their financial interests.

Transparent Lending

Advocacy for Honesty and Integrity in Lending

We understand the importance of transparency when dealing with financial issues and make sure our clients fully understand the terms and implications of their financial decisions.

Combatting Overcharges and Unfair Practices

As part of your commitment to transparency, we educate our clients about the common lending pitfalls and how best to avoid them.

Lender-Agnostic Approach

We take an unbiased approach to lending and assure our clients that our recommendations are based solely on their best interests, not on affiliations with specific lenders.