Getting investment ready to start the day you start your business

Reprint of an article in  July 2010 by Patrick Stafford

Whilst not a recent article, it nicely explains a lot of the issues expanding business face.


James Spenceley co-founded wholesale telecommunications provider Vocus in 2007, and since then the  company has exceeded his expectations, turning over profit every year, with 2008-09 revenue of $5.2 million. The company was listed on last year’s SmartCompany Start Up Awards. But the biggest improvement occurred only this year, when investment firm Investec bought the company for $20 million, and listed it on the ASX as Vocus Communications. Spenceley says the company is now able to pursue a number of expansion projects overseas that it couldn’t have done before.

The key, he says, is finding a good investor. Spenceley believes small businesses looking for investment should analyse themselves constantly and look for ways to make themselves attractive to larger, cashed-up companies

Are you happy with the ASX listing this mouth ?

Absolutely. We knew we had prepared, we thought the offer was reasonably priced it was great to see such a good result from day one . We think it started off very Strongly.


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